An Introduction to School Zone Safety


This PacTrans Workforce Development Institute training opportunity will introduce you to all aspects of safety in school zones. The content will benefit you if you are a professional who manages, provides consulting for, or is considering a school zone safety program in your community.

The training will begin with an overview of school zone safety. This discussion will be followed by an explanation of the current guidelines in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, or MUTCD, to help you identify whether the current practices in your city, town, or jurisdiction are in compliance. Case studies and specific examples will be provided to help you understand why different treatments apply to different conditions. The training will conclude with a discussion on the Safe Routes to School Program and the important guidance that you can provide to your community to foster an environment that promotes safety for both the motoring and non-motoring public near your neighborhood schools.

Learning Objectives

Content Outline

By the end of this training, the students should:

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4 Hours